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As we near our 50’s we feel like it is time to slow down and enjoy life more. Our kids are out of the home, we are getting closer to 55 + retirement communities and we feel like we deserve living out the rest of our lives in a relaxing environment. At this point in life, it’s a great time to consider moving into Pine Hill Estates.

One of the main benefits is that you are able to downsize and simplify your life. Once your kids are out of the home, it no longer makes sense to maintain a larger home. A large home means more heating, cooling, cleaning, and more money spent on repairs. Most 55 + retirement communities offer smaller homes; typically two bedroom, two bathroom homes. The yards in these communities are usually smaller as well, which means less lawn maintenance. The homes are usually also just one level, which means not having to navigate stairs as your health deteriorates. These smaller homes are not only less expensive to maintain, they will also be less expensive to purchase.

Being in a community with people around the same age as you is another benefit. It is easy to make a lot of friends that share common interests when all of your neighbors are around the same age as you. Usually there are activities sponsored by the community at a clubhouse or common area. Some have regular holiday parties, bingo games and shopping trips to local stores. Most 55 + retirement communitiescollect HOA (Home Owner’s Association) fees in order to fund these parties and outdoor amenities. The HOA fees also usually cover services such as lawn mowing, snow removal and trash pick-up. 

Living in a 55 + retirement communities will not only save you money, but it also gives you peace of mind. It also removes the challenge of maintaining a large home and yard and gives you more free time to enjoy your pastimes. Call Pine Hill Estates today to see what we can do for you!