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As we get older, camping gets more and more enticing. It also is a lot of work if you bring kids and are un-prepared. Let's face it, we live in the best state for camping. Whether you trek it out alone or hit up one of the many campgrounds, it is always best to be prepared. As an avid camper, I am always looking for ways to make it a bit easier because the easier it is, the more free time I have to enjoy. I have a ton of tips I'll share with you and a few I have not tried. Happy Trails!

One of the best tips I do is to bring my Water Cooler. We always camp in campgrounds and the electric plug is a must for me. I like rugged, but I also like my coffee. Bringing in your water cooler not only gives you cold water all day, but mine also dispenses hot water for a nice cup of coffee in the morning. You can also use the water to brush your teeth and wash up. 

I also bring my mini fridge. There is nothing worse than hamburg meat floating in ice. Eww. Having that small mini fridge is essential to me as I can keep all my meat cold and also keep cheeses, dairy, etc. The less you have to worry about your raw food, the better.

Let's talk TP. Ugh, it always gets damp or moist and when wiping, just no. I keep mine in a old wipes container. I take out the middle cardboard spool and pull the tissue from the middle.It works just like wipes, but keeps it nice and clean.

In the bottom of your tent, place the puzzle floor mats you can get at any Walmart. It rubberizes the floor and makes it softer to walk on. It also makes it easier to sweep up.


I love bringing a plastic shoe organizer. I can keep all of my utensils, salt/pepper, condiments, first aid, etc.. in the compartments. It is so handy.


Prepare, prepare, prepare your food in advance. If you want to have a nice grilled vege side. Marinate it and stick it in Tupperware. Want some nice steaks, season them and wrap them up. Whisk your eggs and keep in a bottle. Mix up pancake batter so it is ready to pour. Mix a huge cooler full of lemonade and put out some cups. Planning now will make your cooking faster and more enjoyable.

For the love of Pete, bring fire starter logs.

Bring a bag of clothespins, you will use them ALL. A rope for hanging clothes is also essential.

Grab a bunch of those outdoor solar lights and pop them around your camp. It will offer you light when it gets dark and you can build a path with them to the toilet area.

Bring a screen tent or a pop up canopy in addition to your tents. You will want an extra space besides your sleeping quarters.

What are your tips and tricks?? Spread the love in the comments…