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Things to do this Labor Day

Aug 28 , 2017 0 Comment blog

Most of us will enjoy a nice long holiday weekend due to Labor Day and while many of us have cookout or party plans, there are a bunch of things you can do sans cookout. While we will have some showers on Sunday, the outlook for Monday is sunny and warm. So what to do? […]

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Let’s get ready for FALL!

Aug 17 , 2017 0 Comment blog

Can you guys feel it? That cool in the air, the crisp nights and the chilly mornings? Fall is coming and with it, a lot of work and preparations. Fall in New England is really the best time of year in my opinion, as it is just so lovely outdoors. While I am sure you will […]

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Berry Picking

Aug 10 , 2017 0 Comment blog

It is the best time of year for fruits in New England. Don't get me wrong, I love the fall harvest, but late summer berries are really the best. Here are a few spots you can pick your own or just pick up a container. Enjoy! http://cnsmithfarminc.com/ – Peaches and Blueberries are now ready – C.N. […]

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Time to Play

Aug 03 , 2017 0 Comment blog

Who doesn't like to play? I do and sometimes the amount of games available is a bit crazy and hard to navigate. Sure, we all know about Angry Birds, and Pop Candy, but what about more involved ones? There are a ton of free ones and ones that require a one time fee or a […]

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Then and Now

Jul 27 , 2017 0 Comment blog

It is fun to take a beat and look back. Time changes many things, but none so apparent as the places we once visited. This week we are going on a little road trip back in time to compare what once was to what is now. Enjoy the ride!   Take a look at the […]

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Fun weekend trips for the kiddos

Jul 18 , 2017 0 Comment blog

We all have children in our lives. Whether it be our kids, our grandkids, nieces, nephews, neighbors, etc, we all have the joy of knowing these little tikes. There are plenty of things to do and see right in our own community, but what about a special trip out of town? There are so many […]

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Camping Tips

Jul 13 , 2017 0 Comment blog

As we get older, camping gets more and more enticing. It also is a lot of work if you bring kids and are un-prepared. Let's face it, we live in the best state for camping. Whether you trek it out alone or hit up one of the many campgrounds, it is always best to be […]

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Time to visit the fairgrounds!

Jul 06 , 2017 0 Comment blog

Nothing says Summer like county fairs. The Midways, animals, shows, food, it is all so Summer and so New England. I am an avid visitor of these fairs and am listing my top favorites. These are perfect and affordable options for taking the kids or grandkids out for a day. Most offer wristbands to help […]

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Summer Grilling

Jun 29 , 2017 0 Comment blog

Nothing beats the aroma of a grill smoking in a New England backyard. You can smell it in the air like cut grass during the summer in Massachusetts. We love to grill too and not just burgers. Linguica is a staple in this house along with grilled chicken and steak tips. There is so much […]

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Why move to Massachusetts?

Jun 22 , 2017 0 Comment blog

Massachusetts is well known for many things, but there are so many more wonderful things you may not realize this state offers unless you live here. Sure, we have great seafood and 4 lovely seasons, but what else? If you are thinking about making a move to Pine Hill Estates, read on and let me […]

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