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Landscape Contest Winners!

Aug 03 , 2015 0 Comment blog

Pine Hill Estates is blooming! We just completed our annual landscape contest and the winners are in! 1st Place – 53 Tucker Terrace Mrs. Florence O’Brien Lovely English Garden Florence has created a beautiful display that spans from the very front of her yard all the way to the back. Filled with beautiful flowers and […]

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The best state for retirement is Massachusetts

Jul 24 , 2015 0 Comment blog

Look up any article on retirement choices and Massachusetts is sure to be high on every list. Massachusetts offers an amazing coastline, beautiful farmlands, mountains to the west, and history you just do not find in other parts of the country. You can be at the beach in the morning and in the mountains by […]

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Summer Water Holes to Cool Off!

Jul 18 , 2015 0 Comment blog

With the summer heat finally showing itself, it’s time to hit the water. We all know the public and town beaches, but what about those secret water holes and secluded ponds? Public beaches are packed to the brim with people, pets, and sand kicking kids. Who wants to deal with that? I’ve done some digging […]

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5 Best Dog Breeds For Retirees

Jul 10 , 2015 0 Comment blog

Dogs are natural protectors, and are referred to man’s best friend for a reason. They are loving, loyal to a fault, and at your side and service. Studies show that simply petting and cuddling with a pup can lower your blood pressure. Dogs have been trained for everything you can think of from therapy to […]

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Festivities and Fireworks!

Jul 03 , 2015 0 Comment blog

Festivities and Fireworks around the South Coast this weekend. Happy 4th! July 3, 2015 Events BROCKTON FAIR — 433 Forest Ave., July 2-12. Rides, games, fireworks, attractions and much more. Information: http://www.brocktonfair.com/ EDAVILLE RAILROAD — 5 Pine St., Carver. Edaville USA will present Red, White & Blue Days July 4 and 5. It will be […]

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Things to watch and read this summer…

Jun 29 , 2015 0 Comment blog

Not everyone loves to head outdoors once the sun kicks into gear. Some people just want to kick their feet up, switch on the AC, and grab the remote or their favorite book. And there is not a thing wrong with that. With beaches jam packed and parks over flowing, staying in in the cool […]

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Summertime Cookout !

Jun 23 , 2015 0 Comment blog

Throw a Kickin’ Cookout Oh yeah… it is cookout season in New England. Just driving around town, you can smell the grills grilling from backyards up and down Main Street. Burgers, linguica, hot dogs, veges, chicken, seafood, we do it all in the north. I love trying to explain what linguica actually is to people […]

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Time to Garden

Jun 15 , 2015 0 Comment blog

Nothing says summer to me more than freshly picked vegetables on the table. I remember being a kid and pulling carrots right out of the ground, hosing them off, and chowing down. SO fresh and sweet. Having a summer garden is not only super healthy for your diet, it is super healthy for your body […]

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El Nino?

Jun 09 , 2015 0 Comment blog

What is all this talk about El Nino? If you are like me you are probably asking that very question. What is it? Why does it matter? How will it affect us here in the north? Any articles that I have come across seem to be filled with a doom/gloom outlook on what it can […]

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Summer Concert Time!

May 26 , 2015 0 Comment blog

Nothing says summer fun like attending an outdoor concert. Cool night breezes, a soft blanket, and the sound of jazz on the wind say “south coast” like nothing else can. Grab the kids and some subs or pack a picnic and a bottle of wine and make it a super special date night. Some of […]

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