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Are you ready for some football?

Sep 13 , 2016 0 Comment blog

Football season is officially underway! With one game down in the books as a 23-21 victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday night, it is sure to be a great season. What a win it was too. Who would have thought we could be that successful without Gronk or Brady? But successful we were and […]

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Impact of the current drought

Sep 07 , 2016 0 Comment blog

The drought that is affecting this area is awful for many reasons. Crops, Jobs, etc.. Have you seen the Assonet River Dam lately? But did you know that it will also affect our foliage turning? It's true. All those vibrant colors of fall we all look forward to could be much duller this year due […]

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What is happening to all the big box stores?

Aug 29 , 2016 0 Comment blog

It seems every time you read the news another chain of stores is closing a bunch of stores. What is going on with all of the retail stores? Is this a sign of the next housing bubble? Everywhere you look there are empty storefronts. Some have been empty for years. Perhaps brick and mortar stores […]

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Social Security benefits will decrease for many…

Aug 23 , 2016 0 Comment blog

If you are in retirement, receiving Social Security benefits, and are enrolled in Medicare you may want to read on. The latest Medicare Board of Trustees released a new report this month stating that most people may see a decrease in their benefits. The report states that the board is calling for a huge increase […]

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Rio 2016

Aug 15 , 2016 0 Comment blog

We are almost done with the Olympics already. Can you believe it! It has been a blast to watch especially with all the medals being won by the US. The gymnastics and swimming alone made the Olympics for me. Watching Phelps and the Team Ladies Gymnastics Finals was impressive to say the least. The US […]

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It’s time to camp!

Aug 08 , 2016 0 Comment blog

The weather has cooled off a bit and in turn created beautiful camping weather. There is nothing like sitting on the beach and just not doing a darn thing. Massachusetts is filled with some of the best camprounds in the country so go take advantage! Here is a list of my top favorites. I've been […]

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Aug 01 , 2016 0 Comment blog

There is plenty of Waterfire left for the season. If you have not been before, I encourage you to attend. There are tons of vendors, music, and great food. You can also ride a gondola though the waterfire. See below for the remaining dates. Saturday, August 6th – C is for Cure: A WaterFire Lighting […]

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Advantages of living in an over 55 community

Jul 25 , 2016 0 Comment blog

Over 55 communities are on the rise and the advantages of living in such a community are growing by the day. When thinking of calling us, ask your self why you want to live in a community like ours. Read below to review some of the top reasons to live here. There may be some […]

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Heat Wave Incoming – Stay Safe

Jul 19 , 2016 0 Comment blog

By now I am sure everyone has heard about the major heat wave coming this week. It is going to get HOT, like humid hot. While the hot weather makes for a fun beach day it can also be very dangerous. I'm not talking about sunburns, I am talking heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Most […]

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Summertime Cookout

Jul 11 , 2016 0 Comment blog

Nothing says summer better than backyard cookouts. Family, friends, games, and the grill all make for a spectacular day. Food is a huge part of these parties and I am here to share my recipes and tips/tricks for a successful party. I have been hosting these for years and with good planning it can be […]

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