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The BEST over 55 community in Massachusetts is…

Jan 18 , 2016 0 Comment blog

Pine Hill Estates of course! Family owned and operated since 1972, Pine Hill Estates, a 55+ senior retirement community in Raynham, MA continues to focus on providing folks the opportunity to reside in a well-maintained 55 + adult community while offering, what we feel are the finest selection of manufactured homes available in MA. Buying […]

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Preparing yourself and your home for cold weather

Jan 08 , 2016 0 Comment blog

With the weather reports calling for a compete arctic chill down next week, I thought it would be a good time to prepare for the coming months. We have been spoiled with this super warm winter, so I have not really done much in the way of preparing. Of course, now the cold is here, […]

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New Year Resolutions and Traditions

Dec 30 , 2015 0 Comment blog

It is that time of year again, New Years! I love how it always gets people motivated and excited, even if it only lasts for a bit. With the New Year, comes a new outlook and what better way to start things off than a few ideas for the New Year. Forget weight loss and […]

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Holiday Dinner Menu

Dec 21 , 2015 0 Comment blog

If you are like me, you attend or host a multitude of holiday events. If you host, you know the work that goes into it. The planning, cleaning, wrapping, it all takes a well organized plan to pull it off. For me, the most planning centers around the dinner. I like to cook and I […]

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Oh Gingerbread

Dec 11 , 2015 0 Comment blog

Every year we do a big gingerbread house decorating day. We make food, decorate, and have a blast. It is a great tradition that will stay with us for years to come I hope. Now, we usually buy the houses premade in kits or already assembled from our local bakery. I decided this year to […]

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The great deals are about to start!

Dec 07 , 2015 0 Comment blog

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but the real deals are just now coming out. Before black friday hit stores packed their shelves with inventory and this year they overstocked. Word has it that they were predicting a huge increase in sales, but what they did not expect was that most people went […]

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Thanksgiving Traditions

Nov 24 , 2015 0 Comment blog

I love, just love the holidays! I could shout it from the rooftops. This time of year is all about family and the time we spend together. Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite. It is about getting your family together and sharing a meal. Just being together and being thankful for everything you have is […]

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Things to do with all those leaves!

Nov 13 , 2015 0 Comment blog

In my last blog post, I talked about all the cleaning up around the yard we had to do. As I tackled my list, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was something I could do with all these leaves. Sure, most I had to recycle, but they were so pretty, I knew I could […]

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Getting your yard ready for winter

Nov 09 , 2015 0 Comment blog

I just came back inside from grabbing my morning coffee, and man was it cold. Now I am sitting here in my office, looking out at my back yard, and what occurs to me is how much work I have to do before the cold really hits. We all know winter will be here in […]

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Solar Panel Power

Nov 03 , 2015 0 Comment blog

It seems everywhere you drive now; you see a new home getting solar panels. It has been making me think if they are now more affordable or if there are programs out there I do not know about. Why the recent explosion of installations? I have always been under the illusion that it was kind […]

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