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Dance – Dance – Dance

Oct 29 , 2015 0 Comment blog

There is nothing quite like dancing. Dancing has been shown to have numerous health benefits to people of any age. Not only is it great exercise, it is pure fun that can be shared with your significant other or a whole group. Want to dance, but have two left feet? Don’t worry, you are certainly […]

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Too many casinos?

Oct 26 , 2015 0 Comment blog

Well. it is official, the MGM Springfield Casino will open by Christmas of 2017. This casino is massive covering 3 city blocks in Downtown Springfield. It will be between Union and State Street and Columbus Avenue and Main. It will have 500,000 square feet and will consist of gaming, dining, entertainment, hotel (now located off […]

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Hobbies for Boomers

Oct 12 , 2015 0 Comment blog

Women love to express their creativity; it seems to be a universal goal for all of us. Crafts, classes, baking, decorating, we do it all and with gusto. I’ve noticed that Boomer women are an especially active and engaging bunch when it comes to hobbies and activities. They seem to be invested in a project […]

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It’s fall, so get ready for spring!

Sep 29 , 2015 0 Comment blog

There is nothing like seeing the first signs of spring popping up through the old mulch! I love that time when everything is fresh and new and coming alive. Especially after a typical New England Winter. Planting spring bulbs is very simple, anyone can do it and right now is prime bulb planting season! For […]

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Medical Shaming :(

Sep 18 , 2015 0 Comment blog

Medical Shaming…it needs to stop Before I get into it, let me just say I believe medicine is an amazing thing. It can cure disease, relieve pain, and heal infections. I have no problem with medicine and the people who need it. My issue lies with the ones who do not and feel pressured into […]

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Farmer’s Markets

Sep 08 , 2015 0 Comment blog

September is the first real month for all those amazing fall farmer’s markets. South Coast Mass is the absolute best place to catch a farmer’s market. You can pick up everything from fresh vegetables, honey, grass fed beef to homemade assortments of cheeses, jams, and so much more. Not only does it support your local […]

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Living Will and Healthcare Proxy ?

Sep 02 , 2015 0 Comment blog

Yes, you need these and frankly you need these at any age. Okay maybe not at 18, but once you decide to get married or have children, it should be a priority. Granted, you will most likely live to a ripe old age with not a single health issue. I hope that you do. But, […]

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What is going on with the DOW?

Aug 23 , 2015 0 Comment blog

The Dow-What Happened? This week the Dow Jones suffered its greatest loss since 2011. It plunged nearly 531 points ‒ 3.1 percent ‒ to close the week out at 16,459.75. And that was just Friday. Thursday The Dow Jones industrial average lost 358.04 points, or 2.1 percent, to 16,990.69. So, what happened and what does […]

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Late Summer Festivals

Aug 14 , 2015 0 Comment blog

It’s not over yet! We still have a few weeks left of this 2015 summer and I can think of no better way to end it than heading to one last festival. Massachusetts is one of the most diverse and cultural states. There is always something unique and fun going on in one of our […]

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First GOP Debate!

Aug 10 , 2015 0 Comment blog

Well, it was interesting I’ll give you that. This debate was the most watched in debate history with more than 24 million viewers. To give you some reference, the first GOP primary debate, four years ago, attracted 3.2 million viewers. The most-watched primary debate that year reached 7.6 million. So, 24 million is huge. Obviously […]

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