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The Massachusetts Primary Election was held on September 9th, 2014

On November 4th, Ed Markey will seek re-election, but Deval Patrick will not be seeking a new term.

Ed Markey holds a democratic seat in the Senate and is currently in his second term. Mr. Markey is running for re-election against Republican Brian Herr, a Chairman of the Board of Selectman in Hopkinton, MA.  

Deval Patrick is also in his second term and while he is eligible to run again, he has announced that he will not. Charlie Baker is the Republican Nominee and Martha Coakley is the Democratic Nominee. We also have 3 independents running:  Evan Falchuk, Scott Lively, and Jeff McCormick.

Nominee Breakdown:

Ed Markey – Incumbent U.S. Senator – Democrat – http://www.edmarkey.com

Brian Herr – Businessman and Chairman of the Board of Selectmen in Hopkinton – Republican – https://www.brianherr.com

Charlie Baker – Former Sec. of Administration & Finance and Sec. of Health & Human Svcs. (MA) – Republican – https://www.charliebaker2014.com

Martha Coakley – Massachusetts Attorney General – Democrat – http://www.marthacoakley.com/

Evan Falchuk – Founder of the United Independent Party – Declared Independent Candidate – http://www.falchuk2014.org

Scott Lively – Evangelical pastor – Declared Independent Candidate – http://www.livelyforgovernor.com

Jeff McCormick – Businessman – Declared Independent Candidate – http://www.jmacforgov.org

Use this quick guide to read up on your candidates and learn where they stand on issues important to you. See you at the polls