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Nothing beats the aroma of a grill smoking in a New England backyard. You can smell it in the air like cut grass during the summer in Massachusetts. We love to grill too and not just burgers. Linguica is a staple in this house along with grilled chicken and steak tips. There is so much more you can grill though, that you probably have not thought of. Fish, veges, potatoes, corn, dessert, etc.. are just some of the foods we grill up in the summer. Do you have a favorite dish or something "odd" you roast on the grill? I am going to share a few of mine, so please share a few of yours in the comments and we can all try something new!

First things first – Corn. Yes, grilled corn. If you haven't tried this, you owe it to yourself. Don't get me wrong,m there is nothing wrong with a nice boiled ear of summer corn. Grilled corn, however, is a totally different corn experience. Slather melted butter and salt and enjoy!

Fish/Seafood – Smoked seafood on the grill is so yummy. All you need to do is make a little pack out of aluminum foil or purchase a grill plate to lay the seafood on. I prefer the aluminum pack though. Take some aluminum foil and make a little boat shape. Then fill it with shrimp, scallops, fish chunks, etc.. Add butter and bread crumbs and close it up. Let it cook and enjoy with a favorite sauce and a nice white wine. Perfect summer meal.

Chicken – take strips of raw chicken and roll them in a rub. You can try a taco seasoning pack for a kick. Skewer them and roast on the grill. 

Camping? How about breakfast… Make a nice foil pack like we explained above and drop in scrambled eggs, cooked meats, and cheese and let cook.. You will have the most delish campfire egg scramble!

Vege's – You can cook almost any vege on the grill. The best way it=s to marinate your chopped vege in olive oil, garlic, and sea salt. Roast direct or on a grill plate. 

Potatoes – You can slice them up and grill or make a foil packet and drop in sliced potatoes, cheese, bacon, and seasons to make a delicious potato bake.

Taco's – If you have a grill plate, you can roast the meat and veges all together and toss in some cheese. Grill your taco's and serve. So delicious!

What do you like to grill? Let us know and enjoy!