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It is fun to take a beat and look back. Time changes many things, but none so apparent as the places we once visited. This week we are going on a little road trip back in time to compare what once was to what is now. Enjoy the ride!


Take a look at the Lincoln Memorial
linc linc2


Dubai India is another world now. The THEN shot was only in 1980.


 dubai dub


Las Vegas is a whole new city now. 

lv lv2


I love New York so this one is especially interesting to me. Look at the difference!

ny     ny1


And check out Boston! So much can change so quickly.

bos bos1


I added this one as there is not much change here. Well, now there is a fountain.

wh wh1


Do you have any to add to the list? Let us know in the comments and keep the fun going!